The Lifestyle Brand (TLB) Company LTD.  currently offers several formulas of wax for our candles and wax melts.  The main ingredients for all formulas are vegetable wax, food-grade paraffin wax, soy, and coconut apricot wax. Our wax blends are proprietary but are FDA-approved.  They burn longer and produce very little soot. Our candles are biodegradable, pesticide, and herbicide-free. Not tested on animals.


TLB offers two wick types, Cotton and Wooden Wicks. Our Lead-free Cotton Wicks allows our candles to burn clean and slow while also providing an amazing scent and minimal soot. On the other hand, Wooden Wicks are high maintenance as they are temperamental and are not as forgiving on untrimmed wicks as cotton wicks. However, trimming both wicks for safety and a better-performing candle is essential. Wooden Wicks provides a soothing crackle like a fireplace, efficient burn time, and performance.  You can’t go wrong with either, so we have incorporated both wick types in our candle collections.


 TLB only uses clean non-perfume fragrance oils. TLB adheres to the IFRA Standards who have set the boundaries for fragrance creation. We see fragrance as a safe and essential part of life: it has the power to trigger a range of positive emotions and enhance lives. 

To ensure that you and your family can trust our fragranced products and respect our shared environment, the fragrance industry has developed a system to manage the safe use of fragrance: the IFRA Standards.

On each candle, we rank our scents on a scale between Light, Moderate & Intense, based on scent throw  (what you smell after you light your candle for 30 minutes to one hour). 

We describe our candles by their profile notes to better understand their scent throw, and we provide room recommendations where we feel you'll get the best scent for each candle. Please note, smaller candles may not smell as powerful in a larger room with open space as they will in a smaller room, such as a bathroom.   

Fragrance makes each candle a different scent experience + Memory! Find your Fragrance with our Scent Discovery Set.


Our vessels are unique and handmade; therefore you may see blemishes and slight imperfections. However, that does not negatively impact the performance of our candles. 


TLB not only tests for a fantastic hot throw, but we also ensure each of our candles meets ASTM standards, as the safety of our candles is our number one priority. 

For an optimum burning time, please follow the candle care recommendations provided with your candle.