LaVon Williams is a Colorado native who has always had a passion for creating. LaVon obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Colorado State University and later received her Master's degree in Business, emphasizing Health Systems Management from Regis University. LaVon has worked in Healthcare for 13 years but always wanted to operate a business that she had curated with a purpose to promote confidence, self-love, and positivity. 

The Lifestyle Brand Company Ltd. was founded in May 2020 during the pandemic when the world slowed down. People were more conscious of social and racial inequalities. It was a hard time for many, especially for people of color. It impacted many emotionally and mentally.   

Buying fresh flowers and smelling the aroma of candles created a sense of calm, and LaVon found her passion for handcrafting candles. 

LaVon experimented with many different wax, wicks, and fragrances until she was satisfied with her candle recipes. It took a significant deal of testing and patience to construct the perfect candle. LaVon appreciates the positive influence candles have on mental health and wants to share that with the world.  LaVon was also intentional when choosing timeless candle vessels, elegant containers that will enhance your home décor while also creating fragrances that will provide you a tranquil experience. 

The Lifestyle Brand Company is an extension of LaVon and what she stands for. She believes everyone should experience self-love and luxury as it's her secret to well-being.  Portions of the proceeds will be donated to Colorado non-profit organizations that advocate for mental health wellness awareness & services. 

Healthcare Leader . Mother . Wife . Candle maker. 

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